Friday, 13 March 2009

R-Kelly II

There are many things you think of,
At the mention of R-Kelly,
your head fills with melodies,
of the soulful voice is in his belly.

But there is another man I know,
Who takes this legendary name,
His soul just as loving,
His talents not quite the same.

You could well have found him singing,
But the words would be "oh ah"
screaming at Old Trafford,
for his hero Cantona!

You could find him playing PES,
with the boys of Bayham Place.
winning 10-2,
and putting Miles in his place!

Caught up in a novel,
or playing with the cat,
eating lots of cheese,
or tidying the flat.

Of Marmite hes a lover,
(I'd chuck it down the pan)
But then he doesn't have great taste-
He is a Wigan Fan!

And then there is his lady,
The gorgeous VLP,
Who got him to watch High School Musical,
One Two...and Three!

There are lots of perks to knowing him,
things that i could i could chose,
I could only like him even more,
if he gave me some Jimmy Choos! ;)

Thursday, 12 March 2009


I asked him what he thought of it
"Should I start to Twitter?"
He looked at me with those big brown eyes
"Well you're hardly a side splitter.."
he said "you're not that funny,
and not really very smart,
you don't have any interests
like music, films or art.
Your family is crazy,
yet they still manage to bore,
and your friends are just dull,
except the one that is a whore!
Your anecdotes are rubbish,
and your stories are too long,
If your jokes even have a punchline,
It's never very strong.
I don't want to offend you,
I just don't think your for Twitter,
You never think before you speak
and it would just be word litter!"
I looked at him lovingly,
and replied without a pause,
"you're right, my dear, what was i thinking?
I'm such a lost cause!
They give you 140 letters
and my brain fits very few
so keep your "er" cause your a Twit
and I do not like you"

Ode to Vix....

If you were had been made by Disney,
Which character would you be,
Someone from the Lion King
or High School Musical Three?

You could have been a Princess,
But which one would you choose?
Sleeping Beauty with her castle,
Or Cinderella with her shoes?

Would you be a goodie,
Like Flounder and Abu,
or the splendid Mary Poppins,
To name but a few.

You might have been a villain,
Like the murdering Scar,
The ticking Captain Hook,
or the scariest, Jafar!

If I was casting Disney,
I know what I would say,
Toodles to all of them,
Your the fabulous Sharpay!

Home Improvements...

I sometimes think a friendship,
Is like a D.I.Y Table,
You build it from scratch,
And its not always all that stable.
There is a step by step guide,
By which you should abide,
But most just go with the flow,
And ignore whats inside,
It has a set look,
And a place for every screw,
but its kinda nice to know,
noone built it quite like you.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The very beginning.....

You've caught me on a bad day,
Perhaps one of the worst,
Where my emotions are in tangles,
And my heads about to burst!

I have too many questions,
And answers less than none,
And none of its equating to,
Anything very fun!

Staring at the sun,
But the windows in the way,
Maybe if I close my eyes,
I can restart this awful day?